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What is Home Security?

Home security is the act of protecting your home in a number of different ways from intruders and protecting any residents from any kind of danger. The typical family home is full of valuable items of extreme expense and sentimental value and these items need adequate protection to prevent them from being stolen and causing any grief for the homeowner.

Different types of home security include CCTV, Burglar alarms, Access control and Alarm Monitoring. 

Home Security image of man attempting to break into a home through the back garden


Why should I have home security?

The simple answer to that question is that home security protects what matters. It helps to keep the things and – even more importantly – the people that you care about safe and secure. The days when a home security system meant simply an alarm box on the outside of a house are long gone, since a home security system from Securenett is an integrated app based solution which draws in elements such as smoke and carbon monoxide detection as well as car protection.

Above all, a home security system of any kind will act as a deterrent, making any intruder think at least twice before breaking into your home.

Which home security system should I get?

The Securenett offer is based upon providing bespoke solutions for all of our clients. After you get in touch with us we’ll provide a free security consultation. This involves experts from our team visiting your home to analyse its security requirements. The result will be a document which pinpoints possible weak points and ways in which an intruder could gain entry. The system we offer will then be tailored to address those weak points specifically. In almost all cases we will recommend CCTV as offering the best deterrent to intruders.

How much should you pay for home security?

The simple answer to that question is: as much as you can afford. The more you’re able to budget for your home security system, the more advanced the options such as CCTV will be, and the better the level of protection offered. The competitive prices offered by Securenett means that every client gets the home security system they need.

How does a home security system work?

The home security systems offered by Securenett work simply and intuitively by being controlled via a single app. From the app on your smartphone or tablet you’re able to set or unset the alarm remotely, which puts an end to the mad scramble to punch in the code before the alarm goes off when you arrive home. With an integrated Securenett system you can simply un-set the alarm from the comfort of your car as you pull into the drive. The bespoke nature of the system means that it can also be set up to detect the presence of pets without being triggered, or in such a way that pets won’t enter the areas of your home which are covered. Other features offered by the Securenett home security system include:

Internal CCTV – this is often used to keep a careful watch on pets while you’re away from home. Simply tap on the screen of your phone to reassure yourself that all is well with a much loved family pet.

Video Verification – the intruder alert detector is set up to capture a series of images when detecting the presence of an intruder. These images are then transmitted to the app in the form of an intruder alert. If you click on the alert and see a short clip of someone who’s supposed to be there, you can quickly turn the alarm off from your phone. If they are a genuine intruder, on the other hand, the alarm will be triggered and the police will be informed, either via external monitoring or your own actions.
Medical Pendants – the system also includes medical pendants to be worn by vulnerable or elderly members of the family. In the event of a fall, the person wearing the pendant will be able to press a button sending an alert to either the app, or a monitoring station which will call an ambulance.

Medicine Monitoring – another concern often expressed via our clients involves the worry that elderly relatives may be forgetting to take vital medication. The home security system can include a sensor which measures each time the door of the relatives’ medicine cabinet is opened, and sends an alert to the app. If, by 6pm for example, you haven’t received this alert, you’ll be able to contact the relative in question and remind them to take their vital medication.

Carer Monitoring – the system can also incorporate a fob to be worn by any carers visiting an elderly or infirm relative at home. The fob will trigger an internal CCTV camera which captures the carer’s visit, creating a record of the treatment which the relative in question is receiving.

Taken as a whole the Securenett home security system offers complete peace of mind. It protects your property and possessions by deterring intruders, but also offers peace of mind regarding members of your family

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