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What is Business Security?

A typical business is full to the brim with valuable items and therefore needs some kind of security system to prevent any of It being stolen and causing loss and stress for the business owner. Computers, private customer information and anything else valuable needs to be protected. 

Different types of business security include CCTV, Burglar alarms, Door Access control and Alarm Monitoring.  


Business Security


How much do business security systems cost?

Since we offer bespoke, tailored business security systems at Securenett, the answer to this question will vary depending upon the size of the business and the level of security required. From a simple intruder alert system to CCTV and more complex bio-metric access control systems, we’ll tailor a solution which protects the assets your business depends upon.

For a small business such as an individual independent shop, an effective system could be installed for as little as £1000, while a larger organisation such as a school might be looking at a total nearer to £60,000. No matter how much an individual system costs you can be certain that we offer a highly competitive price.

For larger limited companies requiring more extensive security solutions, we offer a leasing option. This spreads the cost over five years, removes the need for a significant initial capital outlay and also offers a range of tax benefits. The leasing option is only offered to limited companies and is subject to a credit check.

What security would you recommend when starting a business?

The first way to answer this question is to examine the requirements set out by your insurers. Many insurers specify a grade 2 or 3 system, and a more advanced business security solution can also often lead to lower insurance premiums. Above and beyond this we work with every client to deliver a bespoke solution which perfectly matches their requirements.

Which is the best security camera system for my business?

The answer to this is that it depends exactly what you’re looking for. As well as having to meet the insurance requirements of your business, any CCTV system you choose to have installed will be designed to act as a deterrent to anyone with designs on stealing the assets which your business depends upon. For some clients this means a high tech solution such as the Vigilon range, but no matter what a client chooses we’ll put together a bespoke system which meets their requirements for a competitive price.

What is the importance of CCTV security systems in business?

In simple terms, the CCTV system isn’t designed to deal with intruders once they get into your business, it’s intended to deter them from attempting to gain entry in the first place. Our experience has taught us that the more security a business has in place, the less likely it is to get burgled.

In addition to this, a CCTV system can be used to monitor staff in order to deter or detect any examples of internal wrongdoing by members of staff. Clients of ours such as Land Rover have also made use of their CCTV footage in order to verify or contest customer complaints. By zooming in on the image of a vehicle, they are able to determine whether it was damaged before or after leaving their premises.

How to install a security camera system for homes and business?

The short answer to this is – don’t, get the professionals like the team of engineers at Securenett in to install your system for you. Our engineers are all NSI accredited, which means that they adhere to extremely strict British standards, and are audited twice a year to ensure that those standards never slip. Only by utilising accredited engineers and equipment can you be certain that your business security system will offer the protection and peace of mind you seek.

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