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What Is A Burglar Alarm?

A Burglar Alarm is an alarm system that triggers when it detects an intruder attempting to gain unauthorised entry to a house or business premises. The alarm notifies either the owner or alarm monitoring company to the intruder and whoever is aware will then notify the necessary authorities.

It detects movement or the opening of doors and windows via a sensor, when triggered by an intruder the alarm will emit a loud recognisable sound designed to catch the attention of somebody nearby. 

Almost three quarters of UK homes do not have burglar alarms, which has resulted in a 32% increase in domestic burglary.  



What does a Burglar Alarm do?

First and foremost a burglar alarm (or intruder alarm) acts as a deterrent to anyone considering breaking into your home or business. The intruder alarm installed by Securenett will be triggered as soon as anyone who shouldn’t be there enters your property.

At this point a signal will be sent to either a monitoring station or the app installed on your phone, meaning appropriate action can be taken. Our app based system offers the chance to integrate as many aspects of home security as you wish, and can be quickly and easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

No matter where you are, you’ll find out straight away if there’s someone on your property. Our intruder alarms do even more than that, however, as our app-based integrated systems also feature smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

How Does an Intruder Alarm Work?

The two different types of intruder alarm system – wired and wireless – work in different ways. The wireless system offers battery operated protection, which means that the initial installation is cheaper, but on-going costs – i.e. replacement batteries – are higher. The system sends a signal every time the detector is passed by an intruder, and this signal is then either sent to a monitoring post or the app on the client’s smartphone. If the system has been set up to trigger a police response, then a second ‘confirm’ signal will be sent.

One issue with a wireless system is that if the power in a property goes down then the Wi-Fi which the system uses to send the signal goes down with it and the system is off. This can be dealt with by installing back-up signalling devices which make use of other technology. In addition to this, the burglar alarm included in any wireless system will contain a battery which means it continues to work even if the power is down.    

How Much does a Burglar Alarm Cost?

A basic domestic intruder alarm or CCTV system costs £699. If you need a bigger system – to suit larger businesses premises for example – then the price depends upon the bespoke solution required, but could be £5,000 and upwards. For limited companies, however, leasing a system is often the preferred options, as this removes the need for an initial capital outlay and spreads the cost over five years.

Which Burglar Alarm Systems Should I opt for?

Intruder alarm systems come as Grade 2, Grade 3 or Grade 4 systems, and the grade required by each client is based on a security risk assessment which we carry out free of charge. We visit the property – either business or home – and asses exactly what the risk of the property being burgled is and what assets there are to be taken.

The system recommended for most domestic properties is a Grade 2 wireless system, while a commercial property will usually have a Grade 2 or Grade 3 system. The most advanced Grade 4 systems are generally reserved for properties such as banks or other high profile potential targets. 

It is possible to purchase ungraded systems, but these are generally poor quality solutions installed by the user rather than accredited engineers, and don’t feature the kind of app-based integration offered by Securenett intruder alarms. By way of contrast, our systems are fitted by engineers who have reached the standards of NSI Gold, which means that they are audited twice a year to ensure that the highest standards are still being met. Our dedication to quality means that we simply refuse to employ engineers who don’t reach that standard.

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    The security we offer takes every aspect of your business into account, a burglar alarm from us will be tested, approved, designed and installed by experienced engineers.

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