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What Is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is the process by which an alarm system is closely monitored and maintained by a security company, if alarms are triggered or anything is picked up on CCTV, they will alert the necessary authorities and the owner.

Alarm monitoring is common practice on a business premises and sometimes in the home.

Alarm Monitoring


Can I monitor my own alarm system?

Yes, as a Securenett client you will be able to monitor your alarm system via the fully integrated app. This means that any intruder alarm triggered will be sent to your phone, allowing you to take the appropriate action. Some intruder alarm systems feature a camera which operates when the detector is triggered, sending an image to your app which enables you to determine whether the individual in question is an intruder or not.

Other features which can be monitored via the app include internal CCTV cameras, medical pendants for elderly or infirm relatives and a sensor fitted to a medicine cabinet.

How much does alarm monitoring cost?

As with everything we offer, our alarm monitoring is delivered in a bespoke fashion, meaning that the cost will be determined by the features which the client requires. Basic monitoring via the integrated app costs £6 per month. This is for single path monitoring, in which the signal is sent from the system to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. Dual path systems which offer back up to Wi-Fi via another technology, and can therefore still be monitored when the Wi-Fi is down, cost between £30 and £40 per month.

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    Home Security

    It’s one thing to have an alarm system in your home to protect it, it’s another to keep it monitored and maintained to ensure its effectiveness.

    You may have the ability to monitor your home yourself with cloud-based security systems but with the busy nature of daily life, you can’t do it all the time. Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) uses state of the art technology to deliver monitoring which offers reassurance that your home is secure.

    Everything that comes through is immediately noted and assessed, and actions such as contacting the emergency services is taken if necessary.

    Want your home alarm monitored? Get in touch today either by phone on 0121 543 1760 or the contact form above.

    Business Security

    A professional business expects professional alarm monitoring, and we can provide it.

    Alarm systems are monitored at our state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) dedicated to offering the professional alarm monitoring services your business requires. The ARC hub works to NSI Gold Standard and combines cutting edge technology and expertise to deliver the best service.

    Every image and item are immediately noted and assessed and the appropriate course of action is taken. If action is needed it will be swift and decisive, the necessary emergency services and nominated key holder will be alerted and Response Officers will attend your premises and undertake the steps needed to restore security.

    To keep your business as secure as possible, call us today on 0121 543 1760 or put your details into the contact form above and we’ll be in touch.