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IP Solutions

Placing the environmental component within security provision

The use of IP solutions in preference to the delivery of more traditional security systems has revolutionised the sector, and Securenett are proud to be at the forefront of that change.

The latest IP GPRS Systems combine robust security with increased flexibility and functionality.

All of this is delivered at the same time as reducing both the costs of a system and the carbon footprint associated with more conventional methods.

The use of IP signalling offers particular benefits for those businesses which are located across multiple premises.

Additional opportunities include the chance to control power circuits, and monitor commercial aspects such as footfall, on a remote basis.

The fact that the use of IP signalling to transmit alarm signals is approved by insurers makes it the natural choice for any business seeking the most up to date security solutions.

IP signalling ensures safe and rapid communication between alarm systems and our monitoring station, whilst minimising the environmental impact and reducing costs. It’s the future, and that’s why we’re proud to offer it.

Call us today on 0121 543 1760 or contact us via the website to discuss the ways in which we can deliver IP solutions capable of transforming the security aspect of your business.

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