Securenett Security Systems Limited

Burglar Alarms

We don’t just provide burglar alarms, we provide peace of mind

When you deal with Securenett you’re dealing with a company which has spent the past three decades supplying businesses of all different types with exactly what they need.

We understand that peace of mind isn’t an off the peg product. Every business has a unique set of demands and its own paricular working environment.

That’s why we’ll work with clients to design and install burglar alarm systems which are tailor made to meet their specific requirements.

The kind of security we offer is the kind which comes from knowing the system you’ve got takes every aspect of your business into account.

Your business is your livelihood and is packed with assets of immense value, from state of the art equipment to stock which is hard to replace.

A Securenett burglar alarm will be tested, approved, designed and installed by experienced engineers. Once in place, it will ensure that your business is protected around the clock and is therefore equally secure outside business hours.

The convenience of the system is designed to fit in with a busy working life, and includes cutting edge options such as the ability to set your alarm remotely using a smartphone. It all adds up to the Securenett promise – total peace of mind.

Call us today on 0121 543 1760 or contact us via the website for a free quote, and begin the journey toward complete security.   

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