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Keeping 10,000 + organisations and homes safe and secure since 1985

Securenett was established over 30 years ago. That’s three decades, and in all that time we’ve aimed for one thing and one thing onlythe safety and security of our clients.

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The Securenett philosophy is simple. We protect the homes and businesses of our clients by offering the very best security systems. We design, install and maintain those systems ourselves, and we blend this experience and expertise with a commitment to innovation and improvement.

We work closely with every client from the first point of contact to offering repairs and maintenance for many years to come. All of these reasons help to explain why so many of the clients we first served in 1983 still work alongside us.

What can we do for you? 

Whether it’s your business or your home, you want to know straight away if an unauthorised intruder has entered your premises.

We’ve been designing, installing and maintaining intruder alarm systems for more than thirty years. We’ll design a system that’s custom made for your circumstances and gives you the peace of mind you need.

If an intruder enters without authority we’ll know about it, the police will know about it and you’ll know about it – quickly and without fail.

To find out more about intruder alarms for your business click here, to find out about what it can do for your home click here.

Modern CCTV systems are capable of keeping a careful and monitored eye on every part of a property which you wish to protect.

We’ve been designing, installing and maintaining systems of this kind for more than thirty years, and, whether you’re a home owner or running a business, we can provide the tools to get the job done.

That may mean a single simple camera or multiple highly advanced units. You can monitor the CCTV system yourself or place it in the hands of Securenett professionals; as with all of the services we deliver, control is in your hands.

To find out more about CCTV for your business click here, to find out about what it can do for your home click here.

Controlling who comes in and out of your home or business is sometimes not enough. You may want to limit the degree to which people can move around within your premises, making some areas accessible to authorised individuals only.

We’ll design, install and maintain an access control system which does exactly that, from a single simple...

...key pad to a multi-person key card swipe system.Whatever your circumstances call for we’ll provide it, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor and control access.

To find out more about access control for your business click here,  or to find out about what it can do for your home click here.

24-365 Maintenance 

Securenett Security Systems offer 24 hour / 365 day cover for its clients which provides clients of all sizes the peace of mind knowing that there is a professional back up service on hand to help with their out of hours needs.
We can also offer with systems such linked via BT Redcare the ability to remotely diagnose faults to give added peace of mind.


Free Surveys 

Securenett Security Systems ltd offer free of charge no obligation site surveys to clients that are looking for new systems or upgrading an existing system please call one of the team to arrange your survey.


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